Orbitsound T9: The Incredible Sound bar

Orbitsound is a company engaged in the hardware sound / speakers. orbitsound emphasizes on entertainment and lifestyle. so orbitsound offering products equipped subwoofer and ipod dock with innovative sound technology.

orbitsound products are:

  1. orbitsound T12v3
  2. orbitsound T9
  3. orbitsound bluetooth adapter soundbar

Now I will discuss orbitsound T9 is the latest sound bar orbitsound. like the previous product, orbitsound drop support on Apple products such as the Ipod and Iphone. it can be seen from the ipod dock included. T9 orbitsound be one on Best Sound bar of some parties such as Macword, T3 magazine, icreate, PC advisor. in addition to supporting the apple, Orbitsound T9 also supports TV devices. you will feel at your personal cinema with sound so real.


Orbitsound T9 features

Orbitsound T9 have two voice boxes next to the front speakers and the main dock. with a sleek remote, making it easy to operate or switching devices from Ipod to Iphone without a hitch.

There is no problem that occurs when we use the Iphone 4S and connectivity options that attract many users. two speaker boxes serve to make your TV room like a private cinema and use of gaming consoles. if you do not mind storing the subwoofer under the desk, it will give the feeling to the toes before it gets to the ears

Orbitsound T9 design:

orbitsound T9 has a size of 230 mm x 139 mm x 355 mm soobwoofer and slim dock. the size is small enough, you can make hide. available in two colors: black and white.

Orbitsound T9 specifications:

Speaker configuration 2.1
RMS power output 140W
Power consumption standby 3W
Power consumption on 5W
Analogue inputs 3.5mm stereo, stereo phono
Digital inputs optical S/PDIF
Dock connector iPod
Headphone output none
Satellite cable lengths N/A
Cable type N/A
Controls located main unit, infra-red remote
Digital processing spatial stereo
Tone controls bass and treble
Price £199


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