How to check if an email address is valid or exists

Email verification

There are times where you need to verify if an e- mail address actually exists and is valid. You can always send a message to the email and wait to see if you respond or if an automatic response comes with an error indicating that the server could not receive your email. If you do not receive this error message even you could not be sure that the address is valid, and not know if your message has been read unless you use a tool like Yesware that informs you when someone opens the message you sent .

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Google launches Chrome Remote Desktop: Control your computer from your Android device

 Google Chrome Remote Desktop Play

A few days ago they started showing details of Chrome Remote Desktop, a program developed by Google service that would be possible to control your computer from any Android device. Today, a few days later, Google has made ​​it official this service (taking it out of the Beta phase) and has been made ​​available for everyone from the Google Play Store and the Chrome Web Store.

Basically, just have an Android device and a computer on which Google Chrome is installed . After that, we will have to install the appropriate extension for Google Chrome and Android application on your device. Then simply open the Chrome Remote Desktop application on your Android, follow a few simple configuration steps and voila, you can control your computer from your Android device (either a tablet or a smartphone.) It’s simple, fast and fluid: a success in these first tests, the service seems to work fine, with a more than acceptable speed and fluidity , making it a perfect solution for those certain moments when we need to have remote access to our main computer. Of course, in such small screens is somewhat difficult to manage an operating system like Windows or Mac OS X, so it is clear that this application is oriented mainly tablets between 7 and 10 inches. However, as I said above, we can pull through at any given time.

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iTunes Radio makes its first appearance in Latin America

iTunes Radio

Can’re finally waking iTunes Radio from your service restricted to only a few countries? Without any advertisement and totally silent seems that the service has come to Latin America but only partially so active and Ecuador. Of course this is not the official arrival of iTunes Radio to other countries. Yet.

However it is great news for those who have long awaited expansion of this service. This demo is located iTunes Radio Music to Apple servers but access is restricted to iTunes in OS X and not available on other devices such as iPhone or Apple TV, for example. This probably means that Apple is testing the functionality seizing the moment to make appropriate adjustments to the Castilian language.
As you can imagine this is great news that indicates that there is a strong possibility that iTunes Radio appears in Spanish-speaking countries. This, not surprisingly, seems to occur faster than we feared, which is something to celebrate. For example, for the service of Australia, the service began appearing in service began to reappear a month before its release in Australia Canada and the UK much like that in Ecuador a month before its final release . Does this mean that there will be launched initially in Ecuador? Hardly. Although we do not know where, we can rest assured that Apple is testing is usually not in vain.

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Gameloft offers free games for certain models of Nokia with Windows Phone


Gameloft , one of the most recognized in the world of mobile gaming developers, is betting on Microsoft’s mobile platform, as stated several months ago. Today we bring great news for users of Nokia Lumia 625 , Nokia Lumia 1020 , 1320 Nokia Lumia , Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia Icon Gameloft is offering it for free several games for Windows Phone from its catalog for these terminals, according to information Windows Phone Apps . The list of games for Windows Phone Gameloft is then in the name of each the download link is:

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Google admits to check your emails, what alternatives do you have if you do not like it?

Google Mail

Google yesterday updated April 14, 2014 the terms of service Gmail , adding a new paragraph to tell your users that if they scan the content of all emails that pass through the advertising and client to provide personalized search results . This is something that many already knew, others suspected, and that the most naive creatures on the planet refused to accept. The only reason why Google is adding this very illuminating paragraph, because it is facing a class action lawsuit just by scanning emails, and violate the privacy of users.

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How To Improves Chrome speed for Android with a simple adjustment

Chrome is definitely one of the best browsers out there, and for those who use Google accounts for almost everything, synchronization between devices is something we can not imagine life after you use it. Although I have tried many browsers for Android , some better than others, almost always end up using only Chrome, because it just works and is fast.

Sometimes it can happen that all is not as fluid as we would like, and the more modest is our terminal and fewer resources available, the greater the chances that they drag a little. If we wanted to give a boost, a boost to Google Chrome , you can do so using a fairly simple adjustment.

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Mailbox comes to OS X and Android

The popular email application that was recently purchased no less than one year by the people of Dropbox, finally comes to Android , after receiving thousands of requests from users. Since few minutes ago, after being announced at a conference that brings just the company, where they have also released new Dropbox account services; and you can download Android Mailbox from the Play Store for free.

In addition, they are working on a desktop version, a client for OS X, which is still in beta development. If you want early access to beta test Mailbox for Mac , you can enter your email on the official website and wait for an invitation.

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CCleaner comes to Android with system monitor and batch uninstall apps

CCleaner is a very popular tool for Windows users, it is highly known for helping to perform preventive maintenance and have about our system. On the computer, CCleaner works as a cleaner of old data that accumulate in the registry over time, while providing a defragmenter, and a slightly better uninstaller than Windows brings.

A couple of days ago, the people of Piriform announced that released a first beta version of CCleaner for Android is now available in the Play Store for free. As this is a beta you should join the community beta testers on Google+ to test the app . And once inside the community, become tester from this link . Now you can proceed to download CCleaner from the Play Store .
CCleaner for Android

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Flash of All HP tablets

We review the latest range of HP tablets if you are not sure what could be adapted to your needs. All of them will be on sale in Spain in the next two weeks. The availability in Latin America is not yet confirmed.

The tablets are becoming more common devices in our daily life. The brands they know and since we can use in many ways, have identified market niches which correspond to very specific needs. So companies like HP have created a complete range of products to decant us which best fits our profile.

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How to upgrade Windows Phone to Windows Phone 8.1 and Developer Preview

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview is now available from Microsoft servers. However, even be called “developer preview” and is intended for developers, anyone with a smartphone Windows Phone 8 (is the model that is, since the Lumia 520 to the Lumia 1520 ) you can install this version without the need for extraneous processes or create a Microsoft developer account. To do this, simply use the program “developer preview” created by the Redmond company. operators do not depend neither manufacturers nor Basically, this program (originally submitted in 2012, but launched last year) allows users install all updates that Microsoft will publish , from major updates such as Windows Phone 8.1 to minor updates as we saw throughout 2013 with Windows Phone 8. All without relying or manufacturers or operators, as these are not involved in this system of previews for developers (which is a success by Microsoft).

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