Espier Launcher: Transforms Your Android Device Into An iOS

For some, the look and feel of iOS is unsurpassed. If you are forced to use an Android device for those things in life, and should not worry. A pitcher for the Google operating system called Espier Launcher allows us to move the aesthetics of Apple devices to another terminal , although, of course, with some limitations. Defined as a launcher that combines the modernity of Android with the “classic” Apple style Espier also complemented with a series of applications of personalization that virtually allow us to move to the Apple ecosystem without necessarily having an iPhone. Something crazy, but for some it can be useful.

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How DNS works

I am Fans to learn how things work, and of course we share that knowledge with readers. Now we have repeatedly talked about the DNS change , usually for the purpose of jumping restriction of our internet provider, or to improve a bit the speed of our connection.


We have explained that a bit are the DNS or Domain Name System , and serving. This time we will detail further work exactly as the DNS, and why they have such an impact on the services that you can access online.


What is DNS and what they do?

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Making Google Glass only $80

Recently, Google decided to market the way Google Glass limited to $ 1500, but obviously making the device will cost significantly less to the Mountain View giant. So says , which assesses the cost of manufacturing in less than 10% of whom were invited for glasses.

The high resolution screen would cost only $ 3
The report issued by this site confirms that the total of the components that make up the Google Glass would cost exactly $ 79.78 . Although a representative from Google has tried to deny this information immediately, apparently to try to wash the image that Google was selling premium sunglasses.

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Twitter allows you to mute whoever you want

One of the recent experiments of Twitter is to silence the users you want. That is, stop reading your tweets but keep the ability to send direct messages with them. This option was already present in alternative clients like Tweetdeck or Tweetbot but today it has been known that are testing the iOS app. Currently, the new option is not available in Spain This step can benefit the average user as it would silence the tweets of large companies for a while. By default, this option will be forever unless otherwise stated. In contrast to its competitors for configuring this feature from the start.

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10 Most Beautiful Design Applications For Android

Android has gone through a series of fairly marked across all versions cosmetic changes, to reach the current state of KitKat which is certainly a huge improvement. Remembering Android 2.3 for example, you may feel your eyes bleed to activate memory. But pure Android, as it is now, if it’s nice, is much more stylized, and the same goes for the applications that have been following the design lines of the Holo interface for setting aside the inconsistency and the ugly icons .

Of course, not all developers have design idea, or hire a designer before launching your app to Play Store. And, in a store apps where there is so much garbage like Google, get horrible applications is too easy. Fortunately, more and more well-designed applications , fully integrated with the design lines of Android, and very very nice visually have appeared. And has improved the design of many other over time. This time I have compiled 10 of my favorites, there are many more, but these stand out as being beautiful and also useful.

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10 basic commands of Linux that use in terminal

Although Linux distributions are becoming more complete and functional its GUI (English graphical user interface ), the terminal has always been and will be there for you and not the opposite , as you may have thought. In fact, in some distributions is the first contact between the user and the system.

When you installed Linux for the first time imagine that you could manage your entire system from a single command line?. If you start using the terminal regularly not only lose their fear, but notice that it is a powerful tool to maintain and in some cases save your installation of these undesirable problems that occur right after a system upgrade, just to name one example.

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Mozilla unveils new Firefox more customizable than ever

Complying with the new rapid Firefox releases that occur in a chronological gap of 6 weeks between versions Nightly , Aurora and Beta; finally the browser version of this great new design and accounts to use Mozilla Firefox Sync, comes to stable on all platforms , and we tell you all about it.

This new development cycle promises to provide users with new features, performance improvements and stability as well as security updates, rests on 4 different channels that begin in the “night” or nightly versions, and end with the stable version of Firefox .

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The fingerprint reader of Samsung Galaxy S5 can be hacked easily

One of the star features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint sensor included button home . Thanks to him, the company plans to add extra security to your phone, protecting it from all other hands. However, this fingerprint reader seems to be not as safe as initially appeared , therefore, as happened with the TouchID iPhone 5s , is easily hackable by using a silicone mold.

This has been demonstrated SRLabs , independent security firm, who has managed to fool the fingerprint of the Samsung Galaxy S5 by using a sheet of silicone. Specifically, simply touch the silicone sheet, which marked our footprint remains the same and we can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 , as you can see in the video.

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Samsung announces Android smartwatch Wear and Tizen smartphone this year

In September 2013, Samsung introduced its first smartwatch at IFA in Berlin, the Galaxy Gear. Such led smartwatch Android operating system . But it was a product with many bugs, so Samsung can somehow forced to submit a new smartwatch, the Gear 2, just 5 months later. This time the Gear 2 had Tizen , replaces Android operating system.

From here we could all think that the South Korean company would continue to use the road for their smartwatches Tizen and Android for their smartphones and tablets. But it looks better than it has been thought the theme smartwatches, as announced by Hankil Yoon, Vice President for Product Strategy, that Samsung will unveil a new Android smartphone with Wear this year, as reported by The Verge .
Since Google introduced Android Wear , earlier this year, manufacturers like Motorola or LG have submitted their proposals to work with the version proposed by Google for OS wearables , but this announcement from Samsung may be the final push to Wear arrival Android and the general market after the momentum generated by the spectacular design Moto360 .

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IBM sues Iusacell $2.5 Billion in alleged fraud

Iusacell returns to the center of the controversy , but now as the alleged victim. After a turbulent start to the year, with various glitches in the stability of their services and reports as healthy financial statements, the telco has generated news today is revealing that in criminal proceedings where the defendant has Technology giant IBM for alleged “misrepresentation” in a ceremony where after a series of alleged manipulations by the U.S. company earnings ended up losing more than 2.5 Billion. The document of claim filed in federal court in New York was partially published by Iusacell, where the fragments do not make clear the general structure of facts, but primarily refers to a contract signed operator under the manipulation of IBM:

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