The fingerprint reader of Samsung Galaxy S5 can be hacked easily


One of the star features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint sensor included button home . Thanks to him, the company plans to add extra security to your phone, protecting it from all other hands. However, this fingerprint reader seems to be not as safe as initially appeared , therefore, as happened with the TouchID iPhone 5s , is easily hackable by using a silicone mold.

This has been demonstrated SRLabs , independent security firm, who has managed to fool the fingerprint of the Samsung Galaxy S5 by using a sheet of silicone. Specifically, simply touch the silicone sheet, which marked our footprint remains the same and we can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 , as you can see in the video.

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Samsung announces Android smartwatch Wear and Tizen smartphone this year

samsung smartwatch wear

In September 2013, Samsung introduced its first smartwatch at IFA in Berlin, the Galaxy Gear. Such led smartwatch Android operating system . But it was a product with many bugs, so Samsung can somehow forced to submit a new smartwatch, the Gear 2, just 5 months later. This time the Gear 2 had Tizen , replaces Android operating system.

From here we could all think that the South Korean company would continue to use the road for their smartwatches Tizen and Android for their smartphones and tablets. But it looks better than it has been thought the theme smartwatches, as announced by Hankil Yoon, Vice President for Product Strategy, that Samsung will unveil a new Android smartphone with Wear this year, as reported by The Verge .
Since Google introduced Android Wear , earlier this year, manufacturers like Motorola or LG have submitted their proposals to work with the version proposed by Google for OS wearables , but this announcement from Samsung may be the final push to Wear arrival Android and the general market after the momentum generated by the spectacular design Moto360 .

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IBM sues Iusacell $2.5 Billion in alleged fraud

iusacell vs IBM

Iusacell returns to the center of the controversy , but now as the alleged victim. After a turbulent start to the year, with various glitches in the stability of their services and reports as healthy financial statements, the telco has generated news today is revealing that in criminal proceedings where the defendant has Technology giant IBM for alleged “misrepresentation” in a ceremony where after a series of alleged manipulations by the U.S. company earnings ended up losing more than 2.5 Billion. The document of claim filed in federal court in New York was partially published by Iusacell, where the fragments do not make clear the general structure of facts, but primarily refers to a contract signed operator under the manipulation of IBM:

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Classic BlackBerry arrives, the heiress of Bold


During the Mobile World Congress was announced BlackBerry Q20 , a return to basics for the Canadian company with a return to the QWERTY keyboard or Q10 and Q5 after poor sales of the models touchscreen , Z10 and Z30. But mostly noted for around the trackpad as in the classical models of the company. We now know that this model will be called BlackBerry Classic, and will direct heir of the BlackBerry Bold .

Maintains the function buttons and also adds touchscreen. Indeed, retrieves the function buttons such as Menu, Back, Send and End , as reported by PhoneArena . QWERTY keyboard is joined by a 3.5-inch touch screen and a battery that will have the best promise as autonomy not seen in a terminal company. While most novelty of this classic BlackBerry Classic will be 12 BES , BlackBerry Enterprise Service will now be backwards compatible with older terminals of the house and also give coverage to other platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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5 Reasons to migrate from Windows XP to Linux

migrate XP to linux

It is amazing how an operating system that has more than 12 years created yet maintain a high market share. Microsoft has already released 3 different versions (and mean) after Windows XP and Windows 7 just recently surpassed XP on PCs.

Windows XP is used to date everywhere on millions of computers, including critical systems , which means a real safety issue for all companies and individuals who did not bother to provide upgrade to a modern system in over a decade . Microsoft knows this and so I throw a ham last offering support for Windows XP Antimalware 2015 .

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This little gadget allows you to read to the blind


According to a study conducted by the Royal National Institute, in England only 7% of the books are available in a format for people with some form of visual impairment. FingerReader new device is a wearable that could allow those people with blindness read texts in books or even electronics.

FingerReader text to read any more than 12 points
While it is currently only a prototype , FingerReader is ring-shaped and thanks to the built-in camera can read text regardless of the surface, provided that the text size is at least 12 points . It also recognizes when the user deviates from the line and when this ends, giving off a slight vibration.

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10 things you can do with Spotify and maybe did not know


Spotify is one of my favorite apps, I’ve used a few years ago and now completely replace the music library used to have on my hard drive. Never downloaded music, unless you were taking on an iPod, and the catalog is so good that I get everything that I like, even the artists hipsters that can happen to me.

Recently Spotify update your online application with a new and improved design , which came to be needed for quite longer. Besides that I introduced a couple of new features that are very much appreciated, as “My Music” where you can store entire albums and individual songs without having to create a playlist for them. But there are plenty of things you can do with Spotify to enhance your user experience , and as I discovered while planning this post, many people have no idea exist, and do not know what they’re missing.

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5 things you can do with all the storage space in the cloud that you have

Cloud Storage

Many services cloud storage offer free bonuses space and additional space for users who meet certain requirements. For example Dropbox gives you megs for referrals, or by buying a smartphone brands of sponsors, you get a really big bonus if you make your latest model. There is enough competition in this online market if you want free space, we recommend that most sites offer .

If you are an incurable battery, you may have more than one, two, or three accounts of this kind, and on more than one occasion you’ve found that you do not know what to do with all that space. Well, we’ll give you a couple of ideas to start filling, or continue filling your coffers in the cloud.

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Application chamber official Google Android now available at Google Play Store

Google Camera

Google just surprise by launching its official application for Android Camera in the Google Play Store, your online application store for its mobile operating system. Until now, this was only available for mobile devices in the home, the family Nexus , but as of today many more users can enjoy this great application that takes full advantage of the qualities of the operating system.

Not only that, they have completely redesigned the interface of the application , changing the button image capture ( although now occupy much more on the screen ) and the position of the camera options. They also include new features such as a way that has been called “focusing effect” , ideal for Macros or blurs in the photos.

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PS4 sold 7 million, nearly double the Xbox One

Sony PS4

Sony still full series in number of sales. As just confirmed a few hours ago in a blog entry , have managed to reach 7 million units sold Playstation 4, which adds to the game 20.5 million achieved last April 13.

The console was released in November last year in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, the date coincided with the release of the Xbox One , getting the latter selling over 3 million units before the end of the year. These figures seem to have been currently stalled and console Microsoft has sold only 4.5 million units , according to VGChartz estimate .

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